Innis Town Hall

We’re Connected! A peek into our increasingly revitalized space!

Since our last post many things have changed here at Innis Town Hall. We’ve got a new staircase in the East Atrium outside of the Innis Cafe, a new bridge spanning from the projection booth to the second floor outside of Innis College Screening Room 222 and the cut outs in the lobby for some new and exciting ways of communicating with you! It’s an incredible transformation that will only keep getting better.


Concrete Deck of Bridge ExtendedBoothFloor








The image on the left is of the concrete deck of the bridge that now links the Innis Town Hall projection booth to the second floor of the building. It’s going to be a huge improvement to have elevator access to the projection booth!

The image on the right is of the extended Innis Town Hall projection booth floor. We will be gaining much more space to operate in with a dedicated projection station in the general area of this support beam. All the better to run classes and events from!

These photos were generously shared with us by the construction team that are busily working away on the project!