Innis Town Hall

Revitalization secrets REVEALED!

We’ve been sharing lots of pictures and tweets about the ongoing project but we’ve been keeping one part of our revitalization from you–until now! Let us introduce to you our brand new cinema speakers. With our three screen mains and not one but TWO subwoofers you’ll be blown away. We’ve got all new surround speakers and more than we ever had. All of these new speakers combined with the soundproofing and acoustical engineering work that has gone into the renovation of Town Hall means that you’re in for a cinematic treat each and every time you walk through the theatre doors.

New Innis Town Hall Speakers







Do you see those plastic bags covered with caution tape close to the sides of the catwalk? No? Look closer. You’ll have no trouble spotting them if they’re on. We’ve retired our old theatrical lights and now we’ve got three LED motorized lights. So we’ll be brighter, better and more environmentally friendly.

Projection Booth and New Lights